Answers by Tonya Somers, Over the past forty years, Tonya Somers has been helping people all over the world. Tonya’s gift has been providing individuals with comfort, healing, guidance, insight, and more. Many of her beloved clients have been with her for over 30 years, now she speaks to their kids and grandchildren, and they all would tell you that she will stick with you through thick and thin. Even while each generation of every family – now come to her for help all readings are totally confidential. Tonya works by naturally seeing, hearing and feeling all that is being told to her as a psychic from the other side of the physical realm. Tonya Somers hears the psychic messages, and is able to relay them to you from your loved ones who have passed on to the next plane.

Tonya Somers is a third generation psychic with over 30 year’s experience at giving psychic readings. She has run many large psychic fairs in the Seattle, Reno and Portland area. Tonya had a radio show for 3 years in Portland, Oregon and has continued to be a guest on dozens of live radio shows. Tonya is also a certified clinical hypno-therapist and life coach. She counsels thousands of people in their daily life through phone sessions. She will always start your reading with a question from you, so that she can tune in to you individually. She works by connecting with your energy through voice, birth-date, name, brief description, and other important facts. Then she is able to tune into a person’s spirit guides and rely the psychic information from the other side to bring sense and spirituality to your life.

Many therapists will refer their clients to Tonya to get a different point of view for their personal therapy sessions. Many therapists just call and ask about their clients – so she can help them move forward quicker and delve deeper into the deep hidden core issues, in the therapy sessions. Are the issues from this life or another causing the issues? Tonya can figure that out, per example say you are afraid of water for no really logical reason, she will look into other lifetimes for you and may find something like your car went over a bridge into the water or a ravine. One client had massive migraines and Tonya could see and remove a sword out of her skull from a prior lifetime. After that one session with Tonya Somers, this woman has had no more headaches in the last 15 years, she always reminds her in recent readings, headache free.

Tonya Somers is genuine and will at times ask the hard questions to help guide you to the right path. Before she calls you, she tunes in on you and your energy for 15 minutes, so please be relaxed and in a peaceful state of mind; maybe light a candle or some incense in preparation. You will receive the best reading if you are prepared and in a quiet place at the time of your reading. Yes, please have a list of questions ready for Tonya, this will always a plus!

You have either found this web site because a friend sent you here, or your Spirit Guides led you right here. Tonya once had a man tell her that he picked up a book he had for over 10 years, and her business card fell out into his lap. He had never heard of her; of course this was a sign and they did a reading that day.

Many times when people find a psychic for the first time, they may feel nervous or anxious. Tonya is very careful in how she tells you the things that come to her, truly all the messages that are relayed to her are important for your life, she will put you at ease, and you will feel like old friends by time your session is over. The time typically goes quickly, which is why it is recommended to do the 90 minute special.

During a session to speak to a passed-on loved one, you, a couple, or an entire family can be on the phone with Tonya at the same time. This is especially handy if you require psychic couples counseling. This is just like marriage counseling, but she can tell you exactly what you both need to do to make your partnership work in the long-term. Tonya will tell you what she sees about each of you, and will help you to see each other more clearly. As an added bonus, she will then provide you with new tools to begin the work to help get your family back on track.

Before Tonya begins her session with you, she will tune in on you and your energy for 30 minutes, so please be relaxed and in a peaceful place and peaceful state of mind, maybe light a candle or some incense in preparation. You will receive the best reading if you are prepared and in a quiet place at the time of your reading. If a dog barks or a child comes in the room, no worries; life happens and that is why you are talking after all.

Tonya is known for being honest and tough sometimes, because she is not the type to sugarcoat an issue. Tonya’s goal is to empower her clients and this begins by telling them the truth. She will not tell you just what you want to hear, she will always tell you the truth and nothing but the truth.

Does your home or office feel dark/negative? Did it used to feel light/positive? 

Has the Universe has been kicking all of your literal butt?

Whether your house is haunted or you have gone thru a huge energy change from stress/anxiety. When you sit in your home and are crying, stressed or drinking too much or a partner has had these issues, it will build up a lot of negative energy – let me clear it for you. You will feel so much healthier within 2 to 3 days.

Some people burn sage or incense to cleanse and make the energy better but if it is really dark energy it is hard to do it on your own and that is where I come in, I cleanse your home and send you some tools to help at the same time, you get to keep the crystals, gems and incense.

For the last 35 years, I have gone out and cleared energy from houses, restaurants, hotels, motels, offices now for the last 10 years – I have been doing them from afar now and they work really well. Most of your homes either felt great when you moved in or it truly did not – I can fix it and restore your place to be a peaceful not stressed out environment.

Have you been depressed, living with someone who is/was, are you an alcoholic, lived in the energy of one? Have you had visitors that drained you energetically, family members that are like that and dropped all that energy in your home?

Did you have the unwanted house guest that just left you feeling drained – we need to get that energy gone before it makes you physically ill – living in dense thick energy will make you ill. It can also make people feel not comfortable in your home and you will notice people do not hang out anymore.

So if you are ready to feel better each day, to sleep well rested, to laugh again to not feel scared in your own home, if you wish own your own power let me make it better. Do you want that happy feeling back? You came to the right place – I can make that happen for you!
Psychic Energy Healing House/Home/Office:
I have been doing a lot of energy clearing lately on your homes/offices – you get many things from this service….it cleans your entire house energetically, you sleep better, you can work easier yet more with less stress, feel happier it gets rid of depression & stress energy left behind from prior renters, owners, lovers, got divorced, children with issues, manic depression, alcohol or drug issues all this leave bad energy behind, studying for a test can build up stress energy. I will cut all the chords to the people you need to be done with, if you are hung up on someone can’t seem to just let go… I will get it done.

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My daughters birthday is November 13th & she was asking me what we were going to go out and do that night & all I could say was how about light candles in a temple somewhere so that we can help break the negative energy around all of us - I had no idea - that everyone in the world was going to want to light candles that night. Sometimes I get the message - but not where or when. The message always comes thru but things are not always clear as what to watch out for - maybe we should just always light the candles!

Psychic Healer – Tonya Somers has been accurate at predicting earthquakes – they are coming again!

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Hey everyone - I am feeling another large earthquake coming in the next two weeks - bigger than the Chile 8.3 - I am seeing at least a 9.0 - it feels to be in the United States - you always ask me if I will warn you - it is almost impossible to do so - I never see where they will actually be - but I do watch my daughter Tasha & when she does not sleep for 3 days & you throw in a Mercury Retrograde with a full or new moon - IT IS COMING.....we are in that phase & we are both feeling as far as I can tell there is now way to be prepared.....yet you can be careful.

Gem site 75% off healing crystals healing gems & Tonya Somers Mixed Metals

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As I sit here on the Oregon coast feeling the world rocking and rolling below me, I am really relieved to have all my healing gems & healing crystals in my office, they do make me feel much safer - but I can feel the earth moving and I can tell we are about to have a large quake - probably right here, both my daughter Tasha and I are feeling it big time. It is hard to ignore when the chairs move and the beds shake....I know they are also little hiccups the Earth does to relieve pressure, yet I do not like this feeling. I know I am grateful to not be living in Tornado Alley or Hurricane cuz they just pick up it all & it is just gone - you can recover from an Earthquake much [...]

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Mercury retrograde is finally over and I truly hope we never have one like this one ever again.  I didn't want to be right about the quakes - but any and every time there is a Mercury Retrograde and a full or new Moon there will always be a quake & they have been getting bigger, so we just need to stay alert those 3 times each year. It is actually just simple Science. Mercury is in Gemini, which is all about communication and it requires or demands that we look deep and listen to all messages and information, that come our way. Remember these can come thru your television, commercials, radio, billboards, newspapers, other people's conversations or comments, etc. Pay Attention. Listen. Early Wednesday morning, Moon shifts into fiery Aries to activate the shifts and changes that are moving [...]

Testimonials, names always changed – Queen of Secrets

Tonya~ I want to thank you for the reading I had with you a couple of weeks ago. You had looked into a property that Michael was preparing to purchase for a 2 million dollar warehouse. After hearing what you had to say, all the pieces of what he had been told by me and another friend who is intuitive fell into place. Your description of what was going on in the land made total sense and how that would interfere with us as owners and building our products in that warehouse.. The next day he stopped all the movement towards buying that land and all the plans for the building. Your clarity and information made the difference.
Thank you so much!!
Hi Tonya, i wanted to let you know, that i had appointment with the Natural Intuitive you sent me to, I loved her. Plain and simple, after 12 years of hearing nothing is wrong with you. here some antidepressants,she not only found what is not working right in my body but she also told me how to fix it. At the time of my reading with you, you said my whole hormone system was like a tornado hit. My endocrine system is only working at 36% and found a vitamin deficiency,at only 30%. so chalk some more up for you, you were correct on all things we spoke about.
Thank you again for your help. I have been feeling like a weight has been lifted off of me. I keep hearing if you really want something, ask for it directly. I am not sure exactly what it means but I have been hearing that all day since we spoke. Right after we got off the phone I got another call from a headhunter. I realized that this may be the universe’s way of saying if you really want this – you told to look for signs, songs, tvs shows, other people’s conversations……it is happening!
I still have to do the exercises/meditations you mentioned, I do them each day.

Thanks again

Hi Tonya,

Thanks for the note. I was traveling from last Wed, and just came back yesterday. I just collected the package and opened it. Thank you for two additional size 5 rings. They are all very pretty! Also, received the size 10 diamond ring, thank you. Will get it on my boyfriend tonight. You are so generous! You always send t to 10 extra pieces, thank you for being you.

Thank you.